Manchester Art Gallery

Blue Tit

Object description

A bird with a yellow breast and blue on crown of head, wings and tail. Bird sits on a branch facing a spider that is hanging on a thread to the right. There are mossy branches behind the bird.

Display label

Left: Blue Tit Right: Golden-Crested Wren date unknown John Gerrard Keuleman 1842-1912 Watercolour, bodycolour, gum arabic and pencil on paper In the Manchester Art Museum’s original layout, these watercolours were displayed alongside colour prints and black-and-white woodcut prints of the same birds so that visitors could compare the different techniques. Keuleman was a renowned ornithological illustrator who began his career in his native Netherlands, moving to this country in 1869. Transferred from the Horsfall Museum Collection 1918.487 and 1918.488