Manchester Art Gallery


Object description

Fan with plain wooden sticks and guards, and paper leaf, printed with 14 new country dances (with musical score) for 1791. Dated 13th December 1790. Dances comprise: Revolution de la France,The British Flag, The Westminster Election, Amazonian Archers, No Taxes, The New Parliament,The Greenwich Pensioner, The Shrubery, Bucks of Europa, The Triple Alliance, The Ultimatum, Baroness Nagel's Fancy, The Target.

Display label

Fans have been carried to public and ceremonial occasions for centuries, and in many different cultures. The Gallery has a collection of over 350 fans, mostly representing fashionable accessories used in Britain, although often made abroad, particularly in China. Some examples are pictured below, dating from the late seventeenth century onwards, showing a range of decorative techniques, including painting, printing and stitching.