Manchester Art Gallery


Object description

Public: Squat pear-shaped teapot on three claw-and-ball feet, white salt-glazed stoneware, with relief decoration of pecten shells, fish and flowers. Private: Squat pear-shaped teapot tapering to neck, on three applied claw-and-ball feet, each surmounted by a scallop shell. S-shaped spout in the form of open-mouthed serpent with floral moulding down each side, loop handle with groups of short notches between two long notches at thumb rest, and slight spur at lower terminal. Fine two-part slip-cast body with relief decoration on each side, of large pecten shell flanked at the top by flowering plants and two open-mouthed fish. Join marks of two halves disguised by narrow plain relief band running from lip to handle. Shallow domed oval cover with flattened rim and button finial, relief decorated with two shells and two flowerheads. Slip-cast body coated with fine white slip, now crazed.