Manchester Art Gallery

A Front Line Near St. Quentin

Object description

A realistically treated view of a World War I battlefield near St.Quentin in France, with barbed wire fencing in the foreground to the left, with some red flowers growing in front of it. The bare fields beyond are broken up by four explosions in the distance. A few rays of light are breaking through the dark clouded sky above.

Display label

A Front Line Near St.Quentin 1918 CRW Nevinson 1889-1946 Oil on canvas Near the end of the war in 1918, the Battle of St. Quentin Canal was one of the decisive battles which breached the German defences along the Hindenburg Line. Nevinson depicts it from his imagination and the poppies that came to symbolise the sacrifice emerge from amongst the barbed wire. Manchester City Galleries 1925.314