Manchester Art Gallery

cap & nightcap

Object description

Undyed off-white linen cap, embroidered in black and silver-gilt, cut in a single section fitting round head, shaped with 4 V-cut seams meeting at top; turned-up edge forming brim; seams and edges outlined with silver-gilt thread worked in plaited braid; embroidered all over with coiling stem pattern in silver-gilt and silver thread in plaited braid and stem stitch, with insects (butterfly, lizard, caterpillar and snail), flowers (borage, strawberry, dog rose, cherry and pomegranite), birds (including owl) and animals (including a squirrel). All worked in black (perished); brim edged silver-gilt bobbin lace with spangles. Attached vellum label written in ink in a contemporary hand: 'this cap was Cardinal Wolsey's'.