Manchester Art Gallery

cap & nightcap

Object description

Cream undyed linen, embroidered in black, silk and silver gilt. In one hemispherical section; shaped by seam and by three darts from centre of crown almost to edge, brim attached round edge and turned back flush with crown edged 2 cm silver gilt bobbin lace with irregular shaped spangles; crown divided into four segments and brim worked with scrolls and interwoven diamond or lozenge shapes in silver gilt.Traces of black sillk at the brim imply that the cap might originally have had simple black silk filling for the background, leaving the lozenge motifs voided. literature : Walpole Society Journal vol 21 pp43 - 65 for similar design on a coif in Torre Point Collection, Cornwall From the Aldersey family who had lived at Aldersey village from the 13th century. Aldersey is in the parish of Coddington, near Farndon. The hall at which they lived was rebuilt 1804-5 and then demolished around 1950.