Manchester Art Gallery

Brenda, Countess of Wilton

Object description

Three-quarter length frontal portrait of the Countess of Wilton, neé Brenda Petersen. She is a young woman standing against a sofa or chair upholstered in luxurious red velvet damask, on the back of which she rests her ringless left hand. The Countess has short brown wavey hair with a fringe, and seems to be wearing makeup. She wears a long loose black silk chiffon dinner or evening dress which has a flesh-coloured modesty panel of silk chiffon, making her neckline look strikingly low. Black jet beading sparkles on the sash which falls from her hip. Her glossy fur stole appears to be sable. Behind her is a background of plain deep crimson drapery. With thanks to Cassie Davies-Strodder of the V&A, via the Art Detective Uk website, for assistance with the description of the Countess's clothing.