Manchester Art Gallery

Si Sabrá Mas El Discipulo (Might not the pupil know more?)

Object description

A donkey is sitting on its hind legs on the right wearing a hat, jacket and a neck scarf and holding a staff, looks down at a smaller donkey facing to the right but with its back turned. The smaller donkey holds its left hoof up to an open book of wood cuts of the letter A printed four times on one page. There are more lighter coloured donkeys to the left.

Display label

Si sabrá mas el discipulo? (Might mot the pupil know more?) Etching, aquatint and burin From Los Caprichos (1st edition, 1799), plate 37 The first of a group of Caprichos showing humans as asses, this plate challenges the authority of school teachers. An earlier book of Spanish verses, illustrated by woodcuts, also portrayed teachers and pupils as asses and it is likely Goya used this as a source for his print. Purchased with the assistance of the Bostock Will Trust and the National Art Collections Fund 1983.851