Manchester Art Gallery

The art of wellbeing tour

Have you mastered it yet?

Saturday 26 November 2016, 12.30pm–1pm


What can Bartholomew Dandridge’s The Ladies Noel reveal to us about the Five Ways to Wellbeing. Volunteer tour guide John Ward discusses:

“Time is a game played beautifully by children”, was the wisdom of ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus and one could easily imagine the artist being mindful of it as he perfected this enchanting group portrait. His delicate use of startling pinks, greens and blues helps to evoke both the beauty of nature and the seemingly endless summer of childhood. Modern living can all too easily lead us into pressure and anxiety as we feel the minutes, hours and days spinning by. But by becoming completely absorbed in this and similar paintings, we can begin to experience a deeper awareness – as well as the calm that comes with dwelling in an ever-expanding present moment.

Join John in a tour of some our most interesting artworks that inspire the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

Everyone welcome.