Manchester Art Gallery

The art of wellbeing tour

A traditional guided tour with a wellbeing twist

Manchester Art Gallery
Saturday 28 January 2017, 12.30pm–1.15pm


Wellbeing is a skill. Cultivate it with us.

Tour guide John Ward reflects on the importance of being mindful with Wynford Dewhurst’s The Picnic, one of the paintings in focus for this month’s Art of Wellbeing tour;

Why do so many visitors find this to be such an absorbing artwork? The light and colour it radiates so powerfully enable it to evoke both the beauty of nature and the happiness of a family day out. Just a few minutes earlier or later, the scene might have looked completely different and so what we have in front of us is very much of the moment – that ungraspable fleeting moment which can never come again. As the painting draws us into its beautifully strange world, can we free ourselves from the passing seconds and minutes that seem to govern our everyday lives?

Join tour guide John Ward and discover ways to increase your health and wellbeing through art.

Everyone welcome.