Manchester Art Gallery

The art of wellbeing tour

A traditional guided tour with a wellbeing twist

Manchester Art Gallery
Saturday 25 February 2017, 12.30pm–1.15pm


Join gallery guides John Ward And Rebecca Eastment and discover the Five Ways to Wellbeing through art. Here John discusses the connection between Edwin Landseer’s The Desert and the wellbeing benefits of learning at any age.

Many prefer this painting’s alternative title, The Fallen Monarch, and this serves as an appropriately regal reminder of the high esteem in which the artist was held by Queen Victoria. Even in childhood, Edwin Landseer had a talent for drawing animals but it was his later studies in anatomy and dissection that enabled him to capture their grace and nobility on canvass. As we gaze at this masterpiece, we can almost feel its creator’s presence whilst its symbolism readily sparks so many connections in our minds. And we find ourselves reflecting once again on the lifelong adventure