Manchester Art Gallery

The art of wellbeing tour

A traditional guided tour with a wellbeing twist

Manchester Art Gallery
Saturday 24 June 2017, 12.30pm–1.15pm


Join gallery guide John Ward and discover the Five Ways to Wellbeing through art. Here John discusses the connection between Oak Trees in Sherwood Forest (1877) by Andrew MacCallum (1821-1902) and the wellbeing benefits of taking notice.

This is a land in which autumn seems to reign supreme and our artist here has rendered nature in such a delicate way that we are bewitched by it. MacCallum was renowned for painting trees as though they were vibrant living beings with stories to tell. The texture of their bark and the patterns of their branches have been captured beautifully, as have the magical effects of light and shadow. The very setting of course, is rich in legend and there is an intriguing suggestion of a former human presence. As we journey into this pleasantly haunting world, can we free ourselves from the negative thoughts, distractions and worries that so easily flicker across our consciousness?

Everyone welcome.