Manchester Art Gallery

Is it a fake or the real thing?

Spot the fake masterpieces for a chance to win!

Manchester Art Gallery
Saturday 2 July 2016, 10:00 AM–Sunday 31 July 2016, 5:00 PM


Think you can spot a fake?

Are you an armchair detective, do you have an eye for convincing detail, do you think you tell a fake from the real thing?

FAKE! The Great Masterpiece Challenge is a brand new arts programme for Sky Arts. With a nationwide competition at its heart it celebrates painting in a completely new way. Swapping out real masterpieces for a series of specially commissioned fakes.

Throughout July, members of the public of all ages and experience are invited to use their detective skills to spot the seven copies hiding in plain sight on the walls of six galleries in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London and here in Manchester. All seven displays are also be available for investigation online, via the competition website.

Those with a keen eye, who manage to correctly identify the ‘fakes’, stand the chance of being invited to take part in the series finale. The finalists will compete to win a specially commissioned copy of their very own.

The hunt is on 2nd July – 1st August 2016

Visit us to see if you have an expert eye. Or, explore the seven galleries online and find the one fake hiding in each. Which paintings do you think are suspect? Enter here for the chance to win a fake masterpiece of your own!