Manchester Art Gallery

Make space with Daksha Patel

Join artist Daksha Patel and explore the qualities of light and shadow through drawing in this creative workshop for adults

Manchester Art Gallery
Thursday 3 November 2016, 6pm–8pm

Free, but please book via Eventbrite

Make space in your life for this creative, artist led workshop for adults. Adults don’t often get the chance to play enough but artists are brilliant at being playful and we want to share this more.

Artist Daksha Patel is interested in investigating the link between art and science, and how unobtainable qualities such as light can be harnessed and used in artistic practices such as drawing.

Daksha’s ‘Light Drawings’ are produced with pin pricks on paper to allow spots of light to shine through, creating delicate, projected drawings.

Inspired by works in our Modern Japanese Design exhibition in the Design Gallery, Daksha invites you to explore light and shadow by creating your own light drawings. If you attended the first of Daksha’s Make space sessions, you will be able to develop your work and use graph paper to construct geometric drawings using scalpels. These designs will be projected as light drawings.

Click here to view photographs from October’s Make space session.


The event is free but please reserve a space on Eventbrite.