Manchester Art Gallery

Make space with Rosanne Robertson

Join artist Rosanne Robertson and explore the revolutionary and diverse qualities of nylon in this creative workshop for adults

Manchester Art Gallery
Thursday 1 September 2016, 6pm–8pm


Make Space in your life for this creative, artist led workshop for adults. Adults often don’t get the chance to play enough but artists are brilliant at being playful and we want to share this more.

Artist Rosanne Robertson is interested in the many diverse qualities of nylon, such as its strength, elasticity and resistance.

“Nylon can hold something together much bigger than itself, often my work is about emotions and psychological states that are much bigger than the physicality of the body that houses them.”

Rosanne frequently uses nylon in her own sculptures and performances and featured in Appendage & Bond, which was performed at the gallery for Wonder Women festival in celebration of International Women’s Day 2016 for What is She Wearing?.

Inspired by Fashion and Freedom, Rosanne invites participants to explore this material and its qualities.


The event is free but please reserve a space on Eventbrite.