Manchester Art Gallery

Make space

Make Space in your life for this monthly creative workshop for adults. Adults don't get the chance to play enough. But artists are brilliant at being playful and we want them to share that with you.

Manchester Art Gallery
Thursday 3 September 2015, 6pm–8pm

Artists experiment, make mistakes, try new things and mess about with materials and ideas. At these Make Space workshops we invite artists to share one component of their playful practice with us.

So you won’t necessarily go home with a completed art work (even though you might), but you will take a way a new skill, a new way of doing things, or a new way of looking at art or life.

This month Harriet Hall will be asking people to think about their relationships with artworks/objects. What do you connect with and what do you reject?

Participants will be introduced to Harriet’s work and the idea of connecting/rejecting objects when you look at the objects Harriet has collected from her childhood home. You will be given prompt questions on the topic of connect/reject and go up to the House Proud exhibition and other galleries to draw and write about your connections/rejections. You’ll be able to share this back in the atrium on connection/rejections tables. To continue your exploration there will also be the opportunity to spend longer creating connection/rejection still life drawings based on what you’ve seen.

Drop in anytime between 6-8pm and take as long as you like to make your own art.

All materials are provided.