Manchester Art Gallery

Paul Granjon live performance

Manchester Art Gallery
Thursday 10 March 2016, 7pm–8pm


A one-off live performance by artist Paul Granjon, creator of Am I Robot.

Paul Granjon, whose work features in The Imitation Game, delivers a performance-lecture with a selection of hand-made machines including robotic birds and cyborg songs, as well as up-to-date views on humans and robots.

Granjon explores the co-evolution of humans and machines with robotic installations such as I Am Robot, presented here, but also with small machines made especially for live performances. On March 10th he will deliver a performance-lecture including an up-to-date view on humans and robots as well as a selection of hand-made machines.

Paul’s performance machines fit in a suitcase, and he will demonstrate some of his best-known robotic sidekicks live. The program includes whistling a song along with a robotic bird, becoming a cyborg animal and disco-dancing with a baby-size humanoid robot. A one-off chance for visitors to catch up with Paul Granjon and his robotic sidekicks live!

Free, meet in the gallery


Am I Robot, Paul Granjon, 2015-16
Photograph courtesy of Michael Pollard