Manchester Art Gallery

Science focused tour of The Imitation Game with Prof. Steve Furber

A talk and exhibition tour of The Imitation Game with Prof. Steve Furber, ICL Professor of Computer Engineering, The University of Manchester

Manchester Art Gallery
Thursday 5 May 2016, 6pm–7.30pm

Free, but booking is essential

Professor Steve Furber from the School of Computer Science joins curator Clare Gannaway to discuss how an artist’s ideas meet contemporary science with extraordinary results, focusing on Talk by Tove Kjellmark with reference to other artworks in The Imitation Game. For The Imitation Game, Tove Kjellmark has created Talk, a new robotic sculpture. Two robots sit, conversing on the nature of human consciousness. Kjellmark’s work explores the potential for machines to perform as humans and asks us to consider how we choose to interact with them and how we feel about their response to us. In a unique international collaboration, Kjellmark’s robots have been built by the artist with a team of students in the Mechatronics Division at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), Stockholm. The control system has been devised by a team from the School of Computer Science at The University of Manchester, using SpiNNaker technology developed for pioneering human brain simulation research.

The evening will start in the Lecture room and continue in the exhibition space.


Free, but booking is essential.
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