Manchester Art Gallery

Thinking out loud on Black Artists and Modernism

The official story and the uncomfortable truths

Manchester Art Gallery
Thursday 7 December 2017, 6pm–7.30pm

Free, booking required

From the first discussion in this series, we understood that the way galleries work is opaque. Galleries can invite more involvement by offering people the chance to understand some of the processes that have underpinned them in the past and to think about how things could be done differently in the future.

This talk is the second in a series of discussions that we’re describing as ‘thinking out loud’ on the subject of Black Artists and Modernism. During this event Manchester Art Gallery curator, Kate Jesson, will be talking about how galleries have worked in the past, work presently and could work in the future to present ‘modern art’ collections. We look forward opening up the discussion with attendees and using this learning to shape the gallery programme.

We are also using these and other events to draw a network together to help us shape a series of talks for 2018 which will look again at the topics we raised in the first sessions in more detail and from multiple perspectives.


The event is free, but booking is required. Book places at Eventbrite.

The event will take place in one of the public gallery spaces. Please contact Kate Day if you require any access support.

Kate Day
Learning manager: adults
Tel: 0161 235 8855