Manchester Art Gallery

Weekend wellbeing: Drawing space

Experience some weekend wellbeing with this one off series of workshops led by Mindful marks artist Naomi Kendrick

Manchester Art Gallery
Saturday 29 October 2016, 1pm–3pm

Free, but please book via Eventbrite

Naomi Kendrick’s drawing practice explores drawing as a psychological space we inhabit. The process of creating each drawing is a journey undertaken, a space to discover and notice, captured in the drawing left behind.

Combining Naomi’s practice with mindfulness techniques these workshops will provide a relaxing and welcoming environment for you to explore drawing in relation to movement, sound and sight.

Workshop 2

To draw is to notice. This will be our starting point as we discover multiple ways of looking at the subject of our drawing, from simply taking our time to using all of our senses. How will this renewed way of looking impact on our drawings?

Participants must be able to attend all three sessions.


To book a place on:

29 October’s session: link to Eventbrite.

5 November’s session: link to Eventbrite.