Manchester Art Gallery

Why am I?

Join the Age Friendly Collective for an evening exploring self, community and identity inspired by art on display in the Speech Acts exhibition.

Manchester Art Gallery
Thursday 5 July 2018, 5.30pm–8pm

Speech Acts unravels how artworks can tell lots of different stories depending on who’s looking at them.

Why am I? brings together the creative skills of Manchester Art Gallery’s Age Friendly Collective. The evening will reflect on perceptions of age, self and identity through poetry, creative activities, song and conversations.

•  Discover more about the work in Speech Acts with curator Kate Jesson and members of the group at 5.45 pm.

•  Hear poetry written and performed by the Age Friendly Collective inspired by reflections of ageing.

•  Add to our intergenerational artwork created in partnership with the Age Friendly Collective and young people’s Creative Consultants programme.

•  Enjoying singing with Together in Song Dementia Support Gospel Choir.

Why am I? has been organised by Manchester Art Gallery’s Age Friendly Collective.
For more information about Why am I?, please contact Ruth Edson on 0161 235 8877 or email