Manchester Art Gallery

Dreams Without Frontiers

A bold exhibition of work by international contemporary artists Cyprien Gaillard and Kelley Walker, curated in partnership with author and DJ Dave Haslam.

Manchester Art Gallery
Friday 29 June 2012–Wednesday 1 May 2013


At this exhibition, visitors were invited to see the UK premiere of the short film The Smithsons, 2005 by Paris-born and Berlin-based artist Cyprien Gaillard, together with Kelley Walker’s mixed-media installation.

The exhibition explored how two significant contemporary artworks reflect and relate to Manchester and the city’s early 1980s music scene. According to Dave Haslam:

The story and the mythologies of Manchester’s music are now part of a much bigger world of ideas and artistic activity.

The programme featured talks about the art, local history and Manchester’s place in international culture running alongside the show, including Dave Haslam and Peter Saville in conversation with Kelley Walker.