Manchester Art Gallery

Ed Atkins Performance Capture

As part of the Manchester International Festival 2015, Ed Atkins lifted the veil on the production of digital art with Performance Capture.

Manchester Art Gallery
Saturday 4 July 2015–Sunday 19 July 2015

This exhibition offered audiences the unique chance to go behind the scenes of the production of a computer-generated moving image work. Performance Capture takes its name from a process that records, maps and renders the movements of a performer onto a computer-generated figure. This avatar included an amalgamation of performers from across the Manchester International Festival 2015  programme (MIF15), all of whom will be mapped onto a singular character created by Atkins.

The exhibition was laid out across three rooms allowing visitors the chance to go behind the scenes of the whole production process. Performances by MIF actors, musicians and artists were captured onto computer, digitally modelled, cut and soundtracked, and then screened in a perpetual cinema of the ever-accumulating rushes of the footage. Visitors were able to watch as the work built up scene-by-scene across the festival, building towards the final film – a digital archive of MIF15.

The film focussed on a single character, whose appearance and monologue was an emotional response to the various homogenising attempts made on us by society. The character was be made up of a seemingly endless procession of personalities and their language will reflect this, shuttling between advertising jargon, business speech and slang.

Over previous Festivals, MIF and Manchester Art Gallery have established a commitment to presenting work from artists at the leading edge of performance art including 11 Rooms (MIF11) and do it 20 13. Performance Capture takes this engagement forward into the digital realm.

Commissioned and produced by Manchester International Festival and Manchester Art Gallery. Supported by MIF Commissioning Circle.

Curated by Ed Atkins, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Alex Poots.


In conversation with Ed Atkins

Ed Atkins in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist
11 July, 2pm, Manchester Art Gallery

Curators tour with audio description

Thursday 9 July, 10.30am – 12pm
With curator Natasha Howes, and Anne Hornsby, audio describer
FREE, no ticket required.