Manchester Art Gallery

Rendered: A programme of moving images selected by Ed Atkins

Rendered was a programme of videos, music and sound selected and compiled by Ed Atkins as an appendix to his recent major project, Performance Capture.

Manchester Art Gallery
Saturday 1 August 2015–Monday 31 August 2015

Performance Capture explored how we present ourselves to the world and how our identity is mediated through technology, from smart phones to social media. For seventeen days, visitors watched as MIF artists were motion-captured performing a script by Atkins. Each performer was digitally modelled, mapped and rendered onto a computer-generated avatar, which was screened in a cinema space.

All the works in Rendered have had a profound influence on Atkins’ work, and reveal some of the artist’s thinking behind Performance Capture. Performances are exaggerated, literary devices recur in cartoon form, figures are fragmented, rubberised and animated. Music appears as both brutally manipulative and deeply affecting; representation is hysterical, gratuitous and deeply, structurally flawed.


Excerpt from Dennis Potter’s last interview. With Melvyn Bragg Broadcast by Channel 4, 5 April 1994
Teaser for Hisser Ed Atkins 2015 Courtesy the artist
Jennifer, Where are you? Leslie Thornton 1981 Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix, New York
Deportment Rachel Reupke 2011 Courtesy Rachel Reupke and LUX, London
Demonstration of NVIDIA HairWorks 1.1 by Tarken Sarim Accompanied by I, Megalomaniac by Lambchop
Hell Frozen Over Bernadette Corporation 2000 Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix, New York
Untitled (Crutches) Peter Wächtler 2013 Courtesy the artist and Dépendance, Brussels
Excerpt from J. H. Prynne and Pierre Alféri at Centre Pompidou (Revues Parlées) February 11 2009
Darkness, Light, Darkness Jan Svankmajer 1989 Courtesy Jan Svankmajer and BFI, London