Manchester Art Gallery

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The success of Manchester Art Gallery has always depended on the support and patronage of it’s supporters.

Opened in 1834, our building was originally named the Royal Manchester Institution for the Promotion of Literature, Science and the Arts and was entirely funded by private philanthropists passionate about art and the difference it can make to people’s lives.

Today we continue to rely on our supporters to provide a key source of income to Manchester Art Gallery, one of the city’s oldest and greatest cultural institutions, and the Gallery of Costume, which houses one of the most important collections of costume in the country

How you can support us

Please support our work by becoming a Patron, Friend, Business Partner or Sponsor. With your support we can:

  • continue to deliver our widely acclaimed artistic programme which educates, engages and inspires our visitors
  • look after the collections in our care, ensuring their long term preservation
  • buy new works of art and items for our collections, keeping our collections relevant to today and leaving an engaging legacy for future generations

Donors help us continue to grow our collection

We are pleased to welcome a new group of donors who have helped us to acquire works for the collection from the Manchester Contemporary 2018.

Why not consider a future donation?

Making and confirming your estate plans represents one of the most personal statements you make about what has been most important in your life. Making a donation in your will to Manchester Art Gallery helps us to continue to collect important works of art, create exhibitions and deliver our wide range of learning and engagement activities. For an informal and confidential discussion about leaving a legacy, please contact Jo Beggs, Head of Development on 07917 553 040 to discuss your options.