Manchester Art Gallery

Greening Manchester Art Gallery

We are committed to promoting environmental sustainability and are working hard with our Partner organisations (Manchester Museum and the Whitworth art gallery) to reduce the environmental impacts of all of our activities.

Here’s what we’re doing

Improving the way we run our buildings

We are reducing our energy consumption by 7% pa to meet the City Council’s Carbon Reduction Commitment of 41% by 2020.

Reducing waste and increasing recycling

By making more efficient use of resources and reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

Supporting sustainable procurement

By working with our suppliers to ensure that all purchasing decisions take environmental impact into account.

Supporting greener travel

By encouraging and supporting staff and visitors to choose sustainable ways of transport. For example we offer staff bikes to borrow for work-related journeys.

Encouraging biodiversity

We encourage biodiversity across all our sites through our bee-keeping (see our bee blog), our young rooftop garden and wild flower planting.

Involving staff and visitors in making our vision a reality

Everyone working for Manchester City Galleries actively supports our green initiatives and is committed to their success. We share what we’re doing with our visitors to include them and engage their support.

We’ll be developing this web page to expand on all our areas of activity; sharing our progress as we tackle each challenge ….

Watch this space.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more please contact:
Interim Director  Amanda Wallace  0161 235 8827 and 0161 219 6729 or
Principal Manager Visitor Services and Operations  Catriona Morgan  0161 235 8867