Unpicking Couture

July 21, 2023  -  January 12, 2025

What’s New?  Collecting for Manchester 

February 7, 2023  -  December 31, 2025

Room to Breathe

April 2, 2022  -  April 6, 2025

Taking Stock

Starting in 2023, Manchester Art Gallery, Platt Hall and the conservation studios, are undertaking a programme of building repairs. This will lead to better storage and physical access to safeguard the collection for the future and will revolutionise how our collection is experienced by our visitors.

As Part of the ambitious programme of development we will be Taking Stock of our collection in a unique opportunity to review and research process to explore the rich potential of the city’s collection and how it is used.

Platt Hall Inbetween

We are working with local residents and communities to make Platt Hall into a vital and creative space at the heart of its local neighbourhood.

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