The Advisory Group and their partners have co-designed a unique programme of art, research and advocacy that naturally follows the three pillars of age-friendliness: connectivity, giving a platform and a voice to the issues raised, and celebrating age. Uncertain Futures has shown the group that the issues that affect women over 50 are what connect them; ageing is a shared experience, whatever their background, heritage and culture, and they are their own best advocates for change. 

Uncertain Futures began, before Covid, with the question: 

What does the increase in pension age mean for women over 50? 


Now, 18 months later, questions which have informed the research are displayed on large banners on the front of the Gallery and billboards across the city, with this and more questions:

Is her paid, unpaid and care work equally valued? 

Does race or migration status affect her future?

Post Covid, will she work again?