Manchester Art Gallery

And they’re off: A season of loans from the collection begins this autumn

In autumn 2018 we’ll be gearing up for some big changes to our Pre-Raphaelite and 19th Century galleries. Many of our most loved works will be going out on loan to various exhibitions both in the UK and overseas, giving us the chance to refresh the gallery spaces and get some other wonderful works out of store and on display. As you can imagine, this requires a huge amount of work behind the scenes. From organising works coming off display, preparing replacements, re-writing labels and other interpretation right through to updating the glazing of many of the works so they look their best when they go out on loan or on display.

While we will be sorry to lose some of our Pre-Raphaelite works for a short time, we are very much looking forward to seeing them on display in new locations.

As there will be so many changes in the galleries, we’re also taking the opportunity for a much needed re-paint of some of the spaces. Given the number and size of some of the works this is obviously a logistical challenge! It will unfortunately involve closing some of the galleries while they are prepared and painted but once complete they should look much improved.

While we will be sorry to lose some of our Pre-Raphaelite works for a short time, we are very much looking forward to seeing them on display in new locations and in different contexts. Our loans programme is key to raising the profile of the collection both nationally and internationally, enables us to increase our own knowledge and understanding of the artworks and to develop important partnerships with other organisations.

We’ve included details below of the gallery closures, works that will be coming off display and the different exhibitions that we are lending these works to over the coming months. If you are visiting the gallery and wish to see a particular work please do get in touch via the Contact us page and we can advise on its location.

Gallery closures and loans

Gallery 10–Late 19th Century

Closed from Monday 1 October–Friday 11 October

The following works will be removed from display:

Gallery 7–Pre-Raphaelites

Closed from Monday 15 October–Friday 25 October

The following works will be removed from display:

Where are they going?

Lowry & The Pre-Raphaelites

The Lowry, 10 November 2018–24 February 2019

  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti The Bower Meadow
  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti Joli Coeur
  • Ford Madox Brown Wilhelmus Conquistador (The Body of Harold)
  • Ford Madox Brown The Proclamation Regarding Weights and Measures, 1556
  • Ford Madox Brown The Establishment of the Flemish Weavers in Manchester, 1363
  • Ford Madox Brown Crabtree Watching the Transit of Venus, 1639

This exhibition will look at LS Lowry’s role as a collector of works by the Pre-Raphaelites. Lowry was a regular visitor to Manchester Art Gallery and was particularly fascinated by the work of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and a Ford Madox Brown.

Love + Desire: Pre-Raphaelite Masterpieces from Tate

National Gallery of Australia, 14 December 2018–28 April 2019

  • Ford Madox Brown Work
  • Edward Burne-Jones Cupid and Psyche
  • William Holman Hunt The Scapegoat
  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti Astarte Syriaca
  • William Holman Hunt The Shadow of Death
  • William Holman Hunt The Light of the World

These six works will be travelling to Canberra for the first major display of Pre-Raphaelite works in Australia since 1889. The exhibition will present a comprehensive survey of the movement as well as exploring the many connections between the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the Australian colonies. Our paintings will be displayed alongside a wealth of other well-known works from British and Australian collections including 50 works from Tate.

British painting during the Victorian era

Fondation de l’Hermitage, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1 February–2 June 2019

  • James Collinson A Son of the Soil
  • Arthur Hughes Ophelia
  • Frederick Sandys Vivien

This will be the first exhibition in Switzerland to examine British painting during the Victorian era. The display aims to highlight the multiplicity of artistic directions post Constable and Turner and aside from the much lauded Pre-Raphaelite movement.

Radical Landscapes: Pre-Raphaelites and their French Contemporaries (title TBC)

Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 16 March–9 June 2019

Focusing on the Pre-Raphaelite landscapes, this exhibition will look at the links between the PRB and their French contemporaries who were some of the first to paint en plein air.

Turner, Ruskin and the Storm Cloud

York Art Gallery, 29 March–23 June 2019
Abbot Hall Art Gallery, 11 July–5 October 2019

  • Adolphe Valette India House
  • Richard Ernst Eurich The Boats were Machine-Gunned
  • John Everett Millais Winter Fuel (for loan to Abbot Hall Art Gallery only)
  • Hubert von Herkomer Hard Times (for loan to Abbot Hall Gallery only)

Part of the Ruskin 200 commemorations, this exhibition will look at the relationship between artist and critic, as well as some contemporary responses to the issues of landscape and the environment.