Art Bites at the Gallery

45 minutes – 2 art works, your ideas and opinions.

Join gallery staff and volunteers for a discussion about two art works on display.

Get to know an art work through talking about it with others. Share your views and listen to what others think about it.

What they prompt us to think and feel? How do our life experiences shape how we view and art work?

These sessions are a great opportunity to focus on just two art works – spending at least 15 minutes at each one.

No need to book, just turn up!

What is Art Bites?

A team of staff and volunteers lead a discussion focussing on two art works on display.

It is a chat about art sharing opinions and ideas. We discuss what we see, what we think about it, what it makes us think of, how it inspires us or repels us, what we find curious about it, how our own life experiences connect with it. It’s based on the idea that we all have something to say about a visual image based on our experiences.

We focus on two art works that might have a similar theme but may have been created in very different ways.

The facilitator will ask a series of questions to get the conversation going and then we see where it takes us!

Art Bites - Discussion in front of painting