Chinese Tea Meditation Ceremonies by TsiaTe

Join TsiaTe in Room to Breathe at Manchester Art Gallery to relax and enjoy an ancient tea practice which is rooted in Chinese tradition.

Led by May Chen, a yoga and tea meditation practitioner and the founder of TsiaTe, we will be sitting together and drinking aged organic Puerh tea from 1980’s as a form of collective moving meditation.

This is a moment for us to stop the fast spinning wheel of life and put a pause to the endless to-do list and demands from others. Start our new week by slowing down, giving ourselves room to breathe, and reconnecting to our eternal inner forest through tea that will help us regain our balance, clarity and restore the harmonious energy for the week ahead.

We suggest the following:

* wear loose and warm clothes for a more comfortable experience

* wear no lipstick or perfumes to create a less distracting environment

* arrive 5 minutes early to start the session on time

* wash and sanitise your hands before joining the tea space


Various dates available:

12 February
4 March

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