Clothes Swap

A unique shopping experience with a difference – the ideal way to start 2023 with a sustainably sourced new look!

To continue our programme of events in partnership with Stitched Up, celebrating the opening of the new Fashion Gallery at Manchester Art Gallery, focusing on re-use, mending and upcycling, we are delighted to be hosting a clothes swap event. Bring all your unworn or unwanted clothes and swap them for new-to-you garments to refresh your wardrobe the eco-friendly way!

This is a boutique shopping experience – not a free for all! Men’s and women’s clothing are welcome. Please note that although children are welcome there will not be any children’s clothing available.

Here’s how it works – please book your ticket in advance as places are limited.

The event is taking place in the Lecture Room – bring along up to 10 garments (men’s or women’s clothing).

For each item of clothing you bring, you’ll get a stamp on your swap card – clothes are graded into two categories on arrival. Great – designer, vintage and high-end high street, and Good- high street and everything else.

You swap like for like, so a Great item gets you another Great item, or you can ‘swap down’ for a Good item.

We will be limiting the number of items you can ‘swap up’ (two GOODS for a GREAT) for to 1 item per swap.

You can then browse the rails and find some clothes you love before checking out at the reception desk to get your swap card updated. If you have spare stamps at the end, you can bring them along to Stitched Up’s next swap event and if you have stamp cards from before the lockdown, these cards will still be valid for you to use.

Handy swapping tip – have a quick sort of your clothes into our above ‘Great’ and ‘Good’ before you arrive and save yourself some time checking in and spend more time swapping!

If you require assistance accessing the Lecture Room please contact [email protected]

When you have finished swapping why not take the opportunity to take a look at the Fashion Gallery and Dandy Style exhibition, and enjoy some refreshments in the Gallery Café before browsing in the Gallery Shop.

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