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Co-production, co-operatives and local media in Greater Manchester

The Meteor

Co-production, co-operatives and local media in Greater Manchester

by The Meteor
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What can spaces of co-production, co-operatives and local independent media learn from one another?

For three years, an academic action research project named Jam & Justice created space for social innovation to co-produce, test and learn from new ways of governing in Greater Manchester. ‘Jam’ represents bringing together different partners in the city to experiment and innovate to address shared problems. ‘Justice’ is about reconnecting with those who have been disenfranchised and excluded from the search for solutions.

The project explored the role of co-production across a variety of urban issues, from health & social care to energy to the role of councillors, producing along the way a body of work that captured their learning and put forward what this could mean for how to govern cities differently.

At this event, The Meteor media co-op are hosting a conversation around the insights generated from this body of work and what, if any, the practical applications of these insights may be for Manchester’s fledgling media co-operative.

We invite anyone from Greater Manchester with an interest in local democracy, co-operatives and independent community media to join us for an afternoon of knowledge exchange and an exploration of the above work, in a relaxed and informal open space.

There will be cake.

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We will mainly be working with Jam & Justice’s final report as a starting point for our conversation, and will spend the first part of the afternoon reading it together. The report can also be found online here for those who want to have a look ahead of time!

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Date And Time

20-03-20 | 01:00 PM to
| 04:00 PM



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