Dandy Style Lunchtime Talks – Jay McCauley Bowstead

Black wool coat with 'fighting cocks' embroidery, Alexander McQueen, 1998.

Contemporary British Menswear: hybridity, flux and globalisation with Jay McCauley Bowstead, Lecturer and Co-Convenor, Masculinities Hub, London College of Fashion.

Inspired by our current exhibition Dandy Style, we have arranged an affiliated series of six free talks by writers and researchers currently at the forefront of the exploration of men’s fashion and styling.

Five of the speakers have written chapters in our accompanying book, Dandy Style, which is available to buy in the gallery shop.

Dandy Style focuses on men’s fashion and image from the 18th century to the present day. The show explores how concepts such as elegance, uniformity and spectacle have evolved over the last 250 years.

Jay McCauley Bowstead lectures Cultural and Historical Studies at London College of Fashion (UAL). He is co-convener of the LCF Masculinities Research Hub where, with Charlie Athill, he organised the conference ‘Globalising Men’s Style’ in 2020.

Jay’s scholarly work focuses on gender, design, and materiality, with recent publications including the monograph Menswear Revolution (2018), a co-authored article on designer Charles Jeffrey with Fenella Hitchcock (2020), and a chapter on cultural hybridity in the anthology Dandy Style edited by Shaun Cole and Miles Lambert (2021). Other research interests include the relationship between ethics, fashion production and public policy discourses:Jay recently published an article in the journal Fashion Practice focused on technology and industrial strategy (2021). He is currently working on a special issue of Critical Studies in Men’s Fashion for Intellect Journals with Charlie Athill.

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