Ember and the Vixens

Selina Helliwell Productions present an evening of exquisite entertainment!

Welcome Vixens, to an evening of exquisite entertainment, female empowerment and sparkle.

Join us after hours for an evening filled with music, burlesque, spoken word and even more, in this adults only spectacular!

Enjoy a drink in this exclusive venue in the heart of Manchester City Centre, whilst jazz fills the air, glittering costumes are all a flair and showbiz seeps into every corner.

Come to the cabaret on Saturday 22nd April, 7:45PM, at Manchester Art Gallery. This one’s for you, firefoxes!

Doors open at 7pm and the bar will be open for your enjoyment!

Adults only, 18+

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Please contact Debbie, [email protected], if you require assistance accessing Manchester Art Gallery.

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