Heritage, Identity and Culture with Kofo Kego

Heritage, Identity and Culture – a two-part workshop

Rethinking the Grand Tour Gallery 4

Join Kofo Kego in this two-part workshop exploring the collection artworks he selected for Rethinking the Grand Tour in Gallery 4.  

The first part of the session will look at the Aso Oke cloth collected in the 1930s. Kofo will talk about celebrating Nigerian identity, heritage and culture, as he looks at how it was made and used in the past and in present day. Kofo will also showcase his documentary showing the making of the Aso Oke today. Both old and new Aso Oke textiles will be on display.  

In the second half of the afternoon, Kofo will be leading a discussion, looking at two of the Empire Marketing Board Posters from the gallery’s collection, talking about the importance of trade and not aid in Africa.

This is a booked session. Please book your place on Eventbrite. Please note that there are limited places. If you can no longer attend, can you cancel your booking to free up a space for someone else.  

View of Gallery 4

This is part of a wider project exploring Displacement Aesthetics initiated by the University of Manchester and the University of Melbourne, with Manchester Art Gallery, The Whitworth Art Gallery, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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