Lunchtime chat with curators and artists: Staffage in Bellotto

Take a closer look at the people in the paintings (known as ‘staffage’). What can you see? Who might the people be?

About this event

Why did Bernardo Bellotto take such care to include individuals and groups of people in his painting of the fortress? Who did he include? Who did he leave out? What stories might those people tell and what stories do they inspire us to tell?

How does new art made by Der Zivilist collective shed light on these paintings and how we understand them?

Chat with Der Zivilist collective, Manchester Art Gallery curator Hannah Williamson, and other visitors to share your thoughts and discover more about the art. No previous knowledge of Bellotto or art history necessary.

This session takes place in the gallery space on the second floor. Seats will be provided. Should you require any further assistance please let us know in advance of your visit by calling the gallery team on 0161 2358888.

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