Room to Breathe

April 2, 2022  -  April 6, 2025

Free Admission

Herbert Newton, Track of Forest Brook

Mindfulness and the art of getting away from it all

The noise and overstimulation of the modern world gets too much for many of us.

Room to Breathe is a dedicated space to help you experience art in a more mindful way.

You can see a variety of works from our collection and listen to original audio guides to help you to explore the art using mindful techniques.

Furniture, colour scheme, number and height of art works, text and audio meditations have all been carefully chosen in a way that we hope will encourage deeper engagement with art and reduce stress.

This a room for you. To rest. To recover. A room to breathe…


Room to Breathe installation shot- two people sat on a sofa from behind looking at an abstract painting

We are excited to be teaming up with psychologists from Goldsmiths, University of London to explore whether mindful viewing can deepen personal connection to art and reduce stress.

In the new year we’ll be sharing research that we have been undertaking with psychologists at Goldsmiths, University of London. We want to find out what really goes on when you look at art by capturing volunteers’ physiological reactions and responses to the artworks in Room to Breathe.  Can mindful looking deepen our connection with art and help reduce stress?  Science meets art meets mindfulness – watch this space! 

Visitor being fitted with wrist sensor