Uncertain Futures: Confident Language at Work & ESOL

Finding work at 50: Hear from organisations offering specialised support for 50+ job seekers and those considering self-employment.

Uncertain Futures is a participatory artwork that seeks to highlight issues around paid and unpaid work for women over 50, focusing on gender, age, race, disability and class.

The project brings to the fore one of the most invisible contributors to the paid and unpaid workforce in the UK. It highlights the inequalities and discrimination women over 50 face regarding access to work, within work and when leaving work in relation to gender, age, race, disability, class and the impact of Covid19.

Employment & Skills Support Sessions

A series of employment focused sessions have been planned to provide women over 50 years old from across Manchester with support while in work or when looking for work. The sessions  will run from October 2021 to May 2022 and will be held either online or at the Gallery.

Session 5: Confident Language at Work & ESOL

An interactive session from Manchester Adult Education Service looking at the different aspects of how we use language for work.