WAIWAV- In Embrace of Fakeness

April Lin Headshot_Photo credit El Hardwick

April Lin  林森  In Embrace of Fakeness 

Manchester Art Gallery is one of 30 UK galleries to take part in a nationwide festival of interventions by d/Deaf, Disabled and Neurodivergent artists. Titled We are Invisible We are Visible (WAIWAV), it marks the 102nd anniversary of the 1st Dada International Exhibition in Berlin. 31 artists will stage interventions and performances inspired by the spirit and essence of Dada on the same day on Saturday 2 July 2022. Born out of a reaction to the horrors of World War 1, Dada artists produced satirical and nonsensical art, poetry and performance. This festival asks the question if the Dada movement had started in 2020 in lockdown, what would artists have done?

April Lin 林森 (b. 1996, Stockholm – they/them) is an artist-filmmaker who investigates the construction of images as a site for conflicting truths. Lin will premiere a new performance In Embrace of Fakeness in the Pre-Raphaelite gallery. This work challenges the idea of value and originality in art history by deliberately creating glitchy reproductions of Victorian paintings using 3D scanning and portable printing. During the performance, Lin will embody The Spectre, inviting the audience to erase the assumption of copies as cheap and inferior to the original.

WAIWAV is presented by DASH, is a Disabled led visual arts charity and generously supported by the Ampersand Foundation.