Zoom in, Zoom out

Family workshop with Sun Yung

To celebrate the Zoom in, Zoom out art project,  artist Sun Yung will be in the Lion’s Den helping you create Chinese character drawings inspired by nature. Writing Chinese characters is like drawing pictures. Join Sun to create your own unique drawings.

No need to book, just turn up any time during the session.

An Art Project by Wai Yin Society  

This panel will be on display is Gallery 1 until Monday 3 October.

It has been created by a group of Wai Yin members who were affected by Covid-19. The group has been meeting virtually via zoom since June 2021. Most of the group members have little knowledge about art or no drawing techniques at all.

They explored how various artists painted their inner feelings in different ways and learned how to convey their feelings in drawing with Sun Yung. The Zoom meeting provided the group members with a breathing space, they have not only shared their immediate worries, but also contributed ideas to relax and push their worries further away.

The group would like to share their experience of chatting, laughing, and crying in this breathing space with you during the lockdown period: “Together, we could make it bearable and memorable”

WYAW Exhibition Zoom in zoom out

The panel is created by Sun Yung and uses individual artwork made by:  

Annie Chan, Jenny Ho, Lin Tsang, Loi Tai Li, Louise Yik, Po Ling Lui, Sai Cheng, Suzanne Ng, and Suzanna Wong. 

This art project is part of the East meets West Counselling Project funded by Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and NHS in Greater Manchester, co-ordinated by Louise Wong