Scene de Famille

Annette Ollivary, 1926 - 2012

Scene de Famille

Annette Ollivary 1926 - 2012


Back garden scene of a whitewashed house with a family and domestic animals. There is a table in the centre, layed with a tea service; two children are seated to the rear and the right. One chair is vacant to the left and to the rear, a mother stands holding a baby. There is a large brown dog standing beside a child in the foreground, and to the right, is a girl in pink dress with a doll in a pushchair; her back is to viewer. To the left side of the table is a white dog reclining, and in the doorway of the house, a white cat. To the far left of the scene, a curving stairway leads to the first floor of the house, and to the far right, there is a summer house. Creepers and potted plants cover the house. The intimate, family scene is painted in bright tones with rather simplified, stylised characters depicted.

Object Name

Scene de Famille

Creators Name

Annette Ollivary

Date Created



framed: 51.6cm x 59.6cm
unframed: 52cm x 40.7cm

accession number


Place of creation





oil paint


Beqeathed by Lady Bernstein in 1995


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