Charles Rowley

Sir William Rothenstein, 1872 - 1945

Charles Rowley

Sir William Rothenstein 1872 - 1945


The print looks like a pencil drawing due to the free, loose linework, and it shows a portrait of a seated man with his hands held together in his lap. He is facing the viewer but his face is turned to the left and he appears to be gazing into the distance. The subject is an older man with thinning hair and a beard, and his face is rendered very finely with close attention to detail, particularly around his eyes as his eyebrows appear to be drawing together in a slight frown. Where as his face is carefully rendered his torso is suggested through minimal linework particularly on the left hand side where the light falls, but it is clear he is wearing a suit and tie. The hands are another focal point as well as his face, these are more loosely rendered but his right hand is held over his left and his fingers curl under. The rest of the composition remains empty with no other detail, the chair he is seated on is only suggested through the arms and there is no attempt to show the back of it.

Object Name

Charles Rowley

Creators Name

Sir William Rothenstein

Date Created



support: 31.2cm x 29.7cm

accession number


Place of creation





ink (black)

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