Work on the Land: Ploughing

Sir William Rothenstein, 1872 - 1945

Work on the Land: Ploughing

Sir William Rothenstein 1872 - 1945


A field with horse drawn ploughs. There are two horses at the right edge, facing to the left. A team of horses pulling a plough can be seen at the centre midground. They are facing to the right and there is a ploughman at the back of the plough to the left. At the left edge the hind legs of a team of horses can be seen with a plough and ploughman behind them to the right. There is a tractor to the left background and birds in the air above the tractor. Bare trees and farm buildings can be seen on the horizon to the left.

Object Name

Work on the Land: Ploughing

Creators Name

Sir William Rothenstein

Date Created



support: 38.4cm x 50.8cm

accession number

1920.8 N1

Place of creation





ink (black)

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