Cathedrale de Reims

Alfred Alexandre Delauney, 1830 - 1894

Cathedrale de Reims

Alfred Alexandre Delauney 1830 - 1894


The large gothic cathedral of Reims, with its two square towers, dominates the scene. The cathedral has relief sculpture on the façade and a large rose window in the centre. Steps run the length of the façade, leading up to the cathedral. The tip of the centre spire of the cathedral is seen between the two square towers. A town square filled with people is in the foreground. A street populated with small clusters of people runs along the left side of the cathedral. In the bottom left corner is a man with cane is walking with a boy. Below them is a man wearing a hat talking to a woman with a dog next to them. To the right of them is a man on a horse with another horse besides him. Behind the man on the horse is a wagon, whose contents have been covered and tied down. The wagon is being pulled by two dark coloured horses and a man stands next to them waving a whip. Behind the wagon is a man on horseback with a riderless horse next to him. In front of the wagon is a man with a cane tipping his hat to a woman with a parasol. Next to the horse's head are two women walking, one has a parasol. To the right of them are two women being escorted by a man wearing a top hat. In front of them closest to the viewer is a woman carrying a parasol and two dogs. Next to the left corner of the cathedral are five men who are working. They appear to be carrying and handling wood. To the right of the workers is a carriage being pulled by two light coloured horses, with a man wearing a top hat on top of the carriage. In front and to the right of the carriage a man wearing a top hat and dark coat walks with a woman carrying a parasol and a small boy. To their right are two women talking, one woman is carrying a baby. Crowds of people are coming out of the cathedral from the left and right doors. Four lamp posts are in front of the cathedral. Two people are talking next to the second to the left lamp post, one of them is leaning on the lamp. In the front centre of the cathedral is a woman carrying something, possibly a basket. To her right are two boys and to the right of the boys are two women with a small dog. On the right corner of the cathedral are two carriages, one facing left and the other facing right. In front of the carriages are small clusters of people talking. In front of the clusters is a portly man on crutches. On the far right of the scene is a building with a covered wagon in front of it. People are unloading the wagon and small clusters of people are standing near it. On the bottom right of the image is a man with a cane standing really close to a woman and a white dog is in front of them.

Object Name

Cathedrale de Reims

Date Created

about 1860


plate mark: 61.5cm x 46.5cm
support: 69.4cm x 53.1cm

accession number


Place of creation





ink (black)


Transferred from the Horsfall Museum Collection, 1918

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