Admiral Augustus Keppel

Sir Joshua Reynolds (after), 1723 - 1792

Admiral Augustus Keppel

Sir Joshua Reynolds (after) 1723 - 1792


Admiral Augustus Keppel (1725-1786) came from a distiguished aristocratic family. He was the second son of Willen van Keppel, the 2nd Earl of Albemarle, and Lady Anne Lennox, daughter of Charles Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond. He was a Royal Navy officer and saw active service during the Seven Years War and the War of American Independence. He was Admiral of the fleet in 1778 but accused by his second-in-command, Sir Hugh Palliser, of misconduct. He was tried by court-martial early in 1779 and acquitted. He was the first Lord of the Admiralty in 1782 and created Viscount Keppel. He was also a close friend of Sir Joshua Reynolds whom he first met in 1749. Reynolds sailed with Keppel to Menorca where he painted officers of the British garrison there. Keppel was one of Sir Joshua Reynolds' most influential patrons. Reynolds' portraits of military figures played an important role in the development of celebrities of war. They reference the most important events in British history - the major conflicts in Europe and America - which shaped the culture and society in which Reynolds worked. 1920.350 'Lady Elizabeth Keppel' is a portrait of his sister.

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Admiral Augustus Keppel

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Dr David Lloyd Roberts bequest, 1920

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