Mrs Hale as Euphrosyne in L' Allegro

Sir Joshua Reynolds (after), 1723 - 1792

Mrs Hale as Euphrosyne in L' Allegro

Sir Joshua Reynolds (after) 1723 - 1792


The main female figure, Mrs Hale, is in a loose flowing white dress with a corsage of roses pinned to her low neckline, one shoulder bare. Her left arm is extended, her right holds her dress. Behind her are three youthful figures to the right, the oldest holding a triangle. Two other females to her left with cymbals and flute. A low horizon line shows a large extent of sky above an open landscape. Mary Hale (nee Chaloner) is cast in the role of Euphrosyne (Good Cheer), one of the Three Graces (three sisters and givers of beauty and charm), in Reynolds’ grand manner. Mary Hale was the second daughter of William Chaloner. In 1763 she married Colonel John Hale and together they had 21 children. The print was later published under the title L’Allegro, a reference to Milton’s pastoral poem of that name. The original oil painting was commissioned by Colonel Hale's cousin, Edward Lascelle, to decorate the new music room at Harewood House, Yorkshire. Mrs Hale was sister-in-law to the 1st Earl of Harewood.

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Mrs Hale as Euphrosyne in L' Allegro

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support: 61.6cm x 38.1cm

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Dr David Lloyd Roberts bequest, 1920


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