Eyles Irwin

George Romney (after), 26 Dec 1734 - 15 Nov 1802

Eyles Irwin

George Romney (after) 26 Dec 1734 - 15 Nov 1802


A half-length portrait of Eyles Irwin facing forward and looking to the left, holding a rolled paper and wearing a cloak and curled wig. Born in Calcutta (Kolkata), India, of Irish parents in 1751, Eyles Irwin was a writer and poet. He held various positions with the British East India Company who at this time controlled areas of eastern India. He was superintendant of Madras in 1771. He returned to England where he had been educated in London following his dismissal in 1776 for protesting against the deposition of Lord Pigot. He described this journey in 'Adventures inthe Course of a Voyage up the Red Sea' published in 1780 which is inscribed on this print. He was later reinstated and returned to India where he negotiated the end of the Dutch settlements. He was superintendant of the East India Company's affairs in China between 1792-94 before settling in Gardiner's Place, Dublin, to write. He died in 1817.

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Eyles Irwin

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George Romney (after)

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Dr David Lloyd Roberts bequest, 1920

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