Romance Venitienne

Ethel Leontine Gabain, 1883 - 1950

Romance Venitienne

Ethel Leontine Gabain 1883 - 1950


The background of this interior is extremely dark, giving the scene a melancholy feel. This is heightened by the pose of the female figure, seated just left of centre, who appears to be gazing into space with her chin resting on the palm of her hand. She is dressed lavishly in a large layered dress and a lot of jewellery, and she is seated on a gilded chair. Despite her melancholic attitude her surroundings are elaborate and rich, with a table to the right which has a fruit bowl and candelabra on it. The curtain behind her, to the right of the scene is one of the most dominant features, it is extremely ornamental, covered in an intricate floral pattern, and it runs from the top to the bottom of the work.

Object Name

Romance Venitienne

Creators Name

Ethel Leontine Gabain

Date Created

about 1929


print: 33.9cm x 25.9cm
support: 50.1cm x 36.7cm

accession number





ink (black)


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