The Weaver

Ethel Leontine Gabain, 1883 - 1950

The Weaver

Ethel Leontine Gabain 1883 - 1950


A lithograph of a woman working in a mill of Richard Haworth and Co. Ltd. The image is done in grays and blacks. The background is filled with different machines. In the centre is a woman bent over a weaving machine. She has her hair pulled back and her sleeves rolled up. She appears to be knotting the thread in the machine. The weaving machine is made up of large cogs and chains. A box of bobbins is in the centre bottom of the image.

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Making it What is it like to be an artist in Manchester? Here we explore the success stories of individuals who are making art, craft and design. In former times the city's wealth attracted artists and the School of Art established its reputation with teachers like Adolphe Valette and Walter Crane. Today there is also a flourishing art scene, with networks of artists' groups and studios and exhibitions spill from galleries into the city. Making It is a changing display of artists and designers past and present. We will be using work selected from our collections and inviting today's artists to showcase their work.

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The Weaver

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Ethel Leontine Gabain

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